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About Ressurrection Graves

Ressurrection Graves is a conglomerate founder and CEO of HPIHI Holdings, and its companies including but not limited to: Invincible Vision LLC (a personal finance, business consulting, and real estate firm) its subsidiaries: Luxury DMV (a real estate firm providing high-end personal service to meet the needs of seven+ figure clientele seeking residential or business and commercial real estate acquisition in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) tri-state areas and North Carolina, and Probate DMV, a real property estate planning arm which provides full service support to listing clients including attorneys, personal representatives, conservators, executors and inheritors of estates.

Ressurrection Graves is a licensed real estate agent in the DMV and North Carolina. In her first six months of real estate she sold a half of a million in residential properties. She doubled that number the next year putting $1.7M under contract to close the same year, and in 2018 she will sell $10 Million in real estate. She is a fierce negotiator, a consummate businesswoman, competent decision maker and confidant leader.

A professional writer, and author of multiple books on entrepreneurship, and in genres of memoir and poetry she owns and oversees a media company called Somebody Say WORD LLC that houses her television, print, online and other media related published or copyrighted works. In addition to writing within the Nonfiction and Poetry creative landscape, her writings include media communications including but not limited to: treatments for television shows, media pitches for interviews and guest appearances, journalism articles, and viral blogging.

Her corporate writing includes business materials such as: marketing and sales copywriting, company memos, white papers, press releases, biographies, cover letters and resumes, business plan writing, research and development, standard operating procedure manuals and corporate governance documents. She provides developmental editing to aspiring authors who submit their manuals and manuscripts to Somebody Say Word and holds workshops to teach vision development for writing, editing and steps to small press publishing.

Ressurrection Graves, an independent researcher and life long learner has returned to higher education to pursue a new Bachelor’s Degree at George Mason University. Her major: Bachelor of Individualized Study with a concentration in Media and Communications; a double minor in Writing & Rhetoric and Entrepreneurship. She has twenty years of non-academic, hands-on business development, sales, marketing, public relations, negotiations, writing, Chief Executive Officer, management and business-to-business experience.

Graves is in pre-launch of an answer to the problem of poverty in America. Her vision and delivery of such a cure will alleviate pandemic poverty. Many of the resources acquired through her real estate endeavors, are dedicated to the launch of this product, and to Glory Soldiers Global a tax-exempt corporation founded by Graves and her husband to support individuals and families overcoming the affects of child sexual abuse, and/or homelessness. They provide resources including transitional housing to individuals and families in their Welfare-to-Wealth program, and emergency shelters.