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Design to Buy

As another added value, every Invincible Vision client receives a complimentary consultation with our in-house home designer. The designer helps buyers to visualize purchasing a home within their financial means, and teaches them how to make the home of their choice habitable to their taste. In particular, we work with many New Construction buyers who purchase homes over $500,000.

We help them to make the very best decision between purchasing builder grade new construction and adding their own designs after market, and purchasing the home with every luxury option included.

Invincible Vision knows that you walk into a model home and scream, “This is it!” You get excited and if the model home does its job you say, “I want it all!” We know that’s not practical or true. In most cases, you will buy a home that has not turned out to look like the model at all. We want to help you get ahead of that disappointment. Our team will talk to you about how to purchase a builder grade New Construction Home and then design a home you can live in for many years to come.

When you’re in the model, do you say, “Well, I wish it had two islands?” Or do you ask questions about design choices? One consultation with our team, and we believe that you’ll be able to budget out that dream kitchen, and do some extraordinary finishes after market.

We also work with buyers who are trying to decide whether they want to go Property Brothers and Fixer Upper style. These buyers want a resale for the lowest amount possible and then would like to build the home out the their specifications with a large budget. We have unique relationships with Renovations Loan specialists.