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Donate a Home

There is a unique market for people who decide that they do not want to sell their home and instead want to reap the tax benefits of donating their home to a good cause. The other type of seller who decides to donate their home is often one who leaves their home to an organization in their will or estate plans.

Glory Soldiers Global, our tax-exempt corporation is looking for real estate to be donated from such sellers who want to impact the homeless community in a big way. Whether you want to donate land that seems challenging to sell, an old property that you cannot seem to sell or something that is ready to go on the market and get an offer right away, we are happy to accept your real estate donation. We do require that our organization is notified in advance, and have necessary information about the property before you make any formal donation and we do reserve the right to not accept the donation.

We accept donations of land on a national level however encourage donations from the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) because we are headquartered there.

We accept donations of both residential and commercial properties.

Donations of real estate that we can use effective immediately are townhomes for our transitional living programs, churches or buildings that can be used as an emergency shelter and hostile for missionaries seeking to come and serve the poorest among us.

For more information on how to donate your property to our charity, and directly benefit the homeless, please contact us: 202-717-RESS

Thank you in advance for your generous heart toward housing the homeless.