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Homebuying Process

1. Get Pre-approved. This is the scariest step but it must come first. When you refuse to get pre-qualified or pre-approved, but want to see homes, it questions whether you will value your time, our time, and whether you are serious about purchasing a home.

There is a myth: Only get your credit pulled once. When shopping for a mortgage I teach my buyers to be educated about the entire process. You can “shop” for lender rates and make them compete for your business. Once you are my client, I’ll tell you the best way to choose your lender based on our current climate.

When I became a Realtor and began to be a part of social groups online, or within the various brokerages, I heard a statement: “Buyers are Liars,” and my mouth flew open like I was trying to catch juggling popcorn.

As a consumer, I did and said many of the same things that you may do or say, so no judgment here but, when we know better, we can do better. When you make the effort to get pre-approved (even if you don’t qualify or qualify for what you want to qualify for), we have something to sit down and talk about.

The worst thing that can happen is that you’re denied or not approved for the amount you want. At that point, our sessions can start and we will either go shopping for a home, or we’ll start working toward it together.

2. Fill our my Homebuyer Questionnaire. This is required for my clients unless you’re clear on New Construction homesites. It provides ease to your home-buying process. I asked some questions that even you want answers to, to move you closer to finding the right property just for you.

Click Here to complete your Questionnaire today.

3. Picking your team: This is crucial. Homebuyers are often told who to hire especially when its new construction. I will refer you to Preferred Partners but it’s your choice who you want as your lender and title. As your agent, I can help you understand how to make that decision.

There are other steps to beginning this process but following these will give you a great start.