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Are you a military service member looking for someone with inside knowledge of the Veterans Administration (VA) backed loan process? Here are a few things that you should know:

· You do not have to go with a particular bank in order to qualify for a VA mortgage.

Since The Veterans Administration backs mortgage loans, there is no one bank who offers loans and there is no such thing as a VA loan. The correct term is a VA-backed loan.

Invincible Vision specializes in working with military clients who are relocating and interested in using the VA loan. We can help you to obtain your Certificate of Eligibility, and as a complimentary service to our Veterans we can provide extensive information on Veterans Benefits.

In addition, Invincible Vision can refer you to lenders who have the background knowledge about your VA backed loan options that will help you in various aspects of your transaction.

· You do not have to work with a specific bank that offers you incentives if you use their Realtor connection.

In many cases, banks offer you incentives up front to use their Realtors but in the end, they pay the Realtors less money, and they charge you more money. Those incentives can cost you money. You may see it in various fees, or in the percentage rate. Invincible Vision believes in being paid for the extraordinary service that they provide, and are known to save you thousands of dollars during the transaction because of their inside knowledge and negotiation skills, so that all parties win.

· The VA backed loan is the same as any other loan.

Actually, the VA backed loan is the best loan on the market because of some of the options available to Veterans within the loan product, that is not available within other loan products. The most obvious “savings” is that you pay no money down. While you don’t pay any money down, military people who do not have a disability will pay a “funding fee”.

When you contact Invincible Vision for your 15-Minute Consultation, we can provide you with more information on how we can help you to use the VA backed loan for your transaction and receive the most savings possible during your transaction. Please also see our Preferred Lender page to get started on pre-approval.