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Dear Potomac Shores Buyer,

As real estate agents we provide buyer representation and listing representation for our distinguished clients at Potomac Shores in Dumfries Virginia. We have intimate knowledge of each floor plan, the price points, and the deals that can be negotiated. We also understand the complexities of selling a new construction home in a community that has not completed construction before you need to list and sell. We are equipped to help you to become a resident of Potomac Shore where we have Destination of a Lifetime.

A great investment, Potomac Shores was planned with care from a company out of California named SunCal as the developer. The builders at Potomac Shores are Ryan Homes, Brookfield Homes and Pulte Homes.

I am current and familiar with prices, options, deals but that’s not the most important part. You want representation to ensure that you understand each step of the process, get what you’re promised and that you have someone with eyes on your build. While I cannot inspect, as your Realtor I can suggest a qualified home inspector and have intricate knowledge of the home building process so if I see something, I will most certainly say something to you.

Lastly, I know floor plans and have walked through many of the homes that have been built there.

New Construction builders can sometimes give Realtors a hard time about commission so here’s what I tell my clients: If you want to walk through the models, give me a call so that I can get you started with working with me, and then during your walkthrough you can tell them that you have a Realtor. You can fill out their visitor form but be sure to identify yourself as having a Realtor so that you’re not “forfeiting” that option (according to some builders).

If you have been walking Potomac Shores for a while and you just have not made a decision on which builder, which floorplan, or which lot, we can sit down and walk through that process together.

My value is not only to help you to personally shop for your dream home, it is to help you negotiate, support you in managing emotions during this time, and take the lead on many conversations behind the scenes. My representation is to work with you, in your best interest. The builder is working in their best interest.

If for some reason you choose another Realtor to help you with New Construction, they should not “drop you off” at the builders for a quick buck. They should be involved in the entire process and should be able to update on your home at different stages. That does require however, that you allow them to be involved in the process and keep them fully updated on changes you make to the home, verbal conversations or requests you may have made and the like.

Much of real estate is about relationships. Your Realtor will need to build connection with you, and the people with whom they will have to advocate to, for you.

Should you need a Realtor to help you buy or sell in Potomac Shores, please give me a call. 202-717-7377 (RESS)