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Prep to Sell

When we come out to do an onsite home valuation of your property and discuss our listing services, one of the questions that comes up is, “What do we need to do to sell our home?” In far too many cases, people do not seek the advice of an experienced agent, and they make cosmetic changes only to find our during the home inspection that there are major things wrong with the property.

While we will have this discussion more in depth, and there will be blogs written about this at length, think about it this way:

A smart buyer will want to know that the major systems of the home function well. For example, they will want to know that the HVAC works, the roof is in good condition, and the electricity in the home is wired to code so that the home is safe to occupy among other things.

If the home is beautiful, but falling apart, a thorough home inspection will tell the buyer on the report all of the problems they will face if they purchase your home. Most homeowners who don’t want to fix items on the home inspection report go through a number of offers before they realize that they must compromise on something. So, instead of making immediate cosmetic changes that people may, or may not like, began to weigh whether it would be a better investment to make sure that the systems of the home are in good working order.