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Rental Listings

We provide RENTAL LISTING services to homeowners who are looking to move-up and keep their current home as a passive income property. Unfortunately, we do not work with renters looking for properties unless we are representing the rental listing as an agent.


All potential renters are required to do the following:

  1. Fill out the rental application in full
  2. Provide copies of ID’s, SS cards, Paystubs and other income
  3. $50 Application fee for anyone 18 or over who will live in the home
  4. Pay a deposit equal to the amount of rental price (upon approval)
  5. First month’s rent (upon approval)

Unfortunately, we are not able to assist you with renting one of our listed properties if you have a current eviction on your credit report. However, you have stumbled upon the right place.

RessurrectionGraves, is extremely well-versed in credit repair and can help you to achieve the credit score that you will need in order to rent, or own in the future. There is a two step process for this:

  • You must purchase your credit report from the link that we provide here through My Fico. This will give you not only your credit report but also the score.
  • Schedule an appointment with Ressurrection Graves so that you can receive a complimentary audit of your credit report. This process takes 90 minutes.

Note: A complimentary credit report audit is only available to clients seeking to purchase a home with Ressurrection Graves within 18 months. Otherwise, there will be a fee for consultation.