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Schedule an On-site Home Valuation

As a listing agent we want to make sure that you understand what we offer versus the competition. While we can put together a Comparative Marketing Analysis and email it to you, we do not. We come to your home, take a tour, and give you some ideas about how to sell your home putting in the least amount of time and money. These are two commodities that we know are important to you.

At that time, we’ll also talk to you about what we offer and provide you with a packet of information to include our value proposition. Here are a few things to consider:

  • This website is curated by your listing agent. Its writing content, marketing, the positioning of items within the design, the logo and other attributes were completed by your agent. A company was hired to do the coding and unique design elements. The pictures are actual homes listed and/or sold by Ressurrection Graves – Please use this website as a resume for the quality of her marketing ability.
  • You will be marketed here on this website and also on all major websites available to consumers including Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, and others in addition to the MRIS listing.
  • We hire photographers and videographers to provide you with exceptional marketing for your listing. We pay particular detail to the way that your listing is marketed. There is a formula, and we don’t just take pictures and upload them. There is a method to our submissions to the MRIS Listing, which translates to the world.

Much of what we do and our success in doing it can be contributed to the Marketing, business, negotiations, and writing experience of your listing agent, Ressurrection Graves.

Disclaimer: We have a marketing budget for our listings. We do not haggle with clients on our commission. Our commission is our commission however, what we are amazing at doing, is finding the financial leverage within the transaction to save you thousands.